Masonry Consultants is an independent outsource service providing highly detailed and comprehensive masonry estimates for its clients. After an analysis of job drawings and specifications we will complete a detailed quantity take-off.

We carefully build your estimate summary, providing the information you need for your projects’ bidding requirements.

Montclare 15
MGNWC Pump Station #6 & #7 01


Over 25 years of estimating experience backed-up by 20+ years on the job as a tradesman. I began utilizing 'Tradesmen's Software' for estimating when the 3D version was introduced in 2002.
With client contractors from coast to coast, I have an understanding and appreciation of regional variations and requirements. Structural and architectural differences, local means and methods, material types and availability, labor and crew size, etc.
I look forward to meeting the challenge of your bidding requirements. - Owner

Project Types

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Condominiums
  • Town Homes

Detailed Summary

  • Material Lay-Rates & Unit Costs
  • Crew Size and Labor Rates
  • Qualifications Statement
  • Site Equipment
  • Overhead and Profit
  • Material Specification Sheets

Bidding Categories

  • Base bid
  • Alternates
  • Addendum
  • Miscellaneous other entries

Let Masonry Consultants help you win those tough contracts.